About Us

It is time to stop compromising the health of your natural lashes, and to start celebrating your inner queen.

We don’t hide. We highlight.

We highlight natural beauty through our steady hands and big hearts;

And through our products that we trust—because we use them too.

It is time to level up your lash game and maximize your artistry with Lashin Out.

100% Indigenous owned & operated. Sisters, cousins, & friends. Lashin Out was built on the foundation of family, the power of passion & impact of trust.


🌸 Jazmine | Calgary Location 

I started Lashin Out in 2012 and I absolutely love what I do! My favorite part of lashing is the deep connections I have made with my clients. I love getting to know them on the inside, because that’s where true beauty comes from. When I’m done Lashing I love seeing their inner beauty radiate on the outside through lashes. Empowering women to feel beautiful about themselves is my mission. I quit my career as a Dental assistant to take up lashing because I love the freedom of working for myself and challenge of running a business. I’m proud if the sterilization skills I learned in dental and bring them with me to the lash industry, I train with and wear new gloves & masks with every client.  Lash health and safety is extremely important to me. I have started a new adventure and opened The Beauty Block with my partner in crime Brittany in 2022, a one-stop-shop for all of your Beauty needs.  When I’m not lashing you can find me camping dancing with the family.  My husband and I used to love to travel now our pastime is chasing around our 3 daughters under the age of 5. Life is busy....I guess you can say I thrive in chaos! 😝  |     @lashin_out 
Email Jazmine@lashinout.ca



💋 Charity | Victoria Location

 Growing up with a Mother that had a salons it was inevitable I was one day going to do something in the beauty industry. At the time I wasn’t interested in in being a stylist but In 2012 after being trained with Lashes I was hooked. After living a number of places in Canada, Winnipeg, Toronto and Calgary we’ve settled in Victoria in Vancouver Island and now this is home. Having two boys most things in our house aren’t girlie just the opposite so when I’m able to spend time with clients and making them feel extra beautiful is always a special part of my day. What I’d say to anyone wanting to start a career in Lashing “DO IT! Don’t look back! This industry is one that is here to stay” Jaz and I have trained many girls and their careers are booming. Thanks to all our amazing clients and all techs that are using Lashin Out products we love you all so much it’s because of you that we do what we do. |     @lashin_out_victoria 
Email: Charity@lashinout.ca 

💖 Savannah | Fort McMurry Location 

I was a hairdresser before I started lashing. It was my sister Jaz that made me into an eyelash addict then trained me to do lashes, ever since then I loved it! My favorite part of lashing is seeing the look on my clients face when they open their eyes! When they are happy I am happy. I like doing all styles of lashes But my favorite right now is the whispy/strip lash look. When I am not lashing I am camping enjoying the down time with family. Lash Chat is a common topic when getting together with my sister and cousin, we have been running this family business together for 8 years now and we have come a long way with our quality products and lash skills. I feel very blessed to be apart of this growing industry!
Email: Sweetsavvy@hotmail.com