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Diamond Luxe -Straight

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💎 Diamond Luxe Straight tweezers are a must have for every lash artist!

Most likely you own a few…..hundred 😉

They are best used for isolation or classic lashin!  They are also perfect for popping off grown out lashes at fill appointments.  These beauties come with our very own diamond dust coating.

What is Diamond Dust you ask?  It's a fine powered dust that is imposed on the inside tips of the tweezers to ensure grip of fine materials such as lash extensions.  Used to secure those lashes so no lash is left behind (we've all faced that problem). It is used on most surgical instruments and has no side effects to the lashes or clients eye health. 

  • Handcrafted 12 cm (120mm) from tip to end
  • Non-magnetic
  • Fine tip / Precision tip
  • Accel/PREempt, CS20 & Cavicide approved
  • Won’t tarnish or fade

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