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Flash Bond Adhesive

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⚡️ Introducing the newest Member to the Lashin Out Fam!  FLASH BOND 

Attention Advanced Artist!!!  If you loved all the magnetic properties that Magnetic force has this adhesive will blow your mind.  Still in the same magnetic family, Flash Bond is our fastest setting adhesive with a cure time of 0.5-1 Seconds. This quick drying glue is a must have for your volume clients yet also works well with Classic.

The retention of this adhesive is a game changer.  We have tested this adhesive for almost a year and it with stood 2 lock downs here in Canada.  We had clients come back after a 6-7 weeks with over 40% of lashes still intact. 

This Adhesive is Ideal for advanced Lash Artists with speedy hands! We recommend only using this adhesive if you have 2+ years of lashing experience.

Can be used in hotter climates compared to Magnetic force 


  • Works best in 40%-70% humidity
  • Setting time of 0.5-1 sec
  • Best if drop is replaced every 20-30min
  • Shake bottle vigorously for 30-60 sec before each use
  • Viscosity Thick 
  • 8 week lash retention

We recommend:

  • Maintain temperature 18-23 Celsius (65-72 Fahrenheit) 
  • Replace bottle every 4-8 weeks to achieve optimum retention
  • Can be refrigerated until ready to use
  • Once open store right side up at room temperature
  • Can be stored in an airtight container or back in the bag with silica gel pack.

Ingredients: Ethyl-2-Cyanoacrylayte, Polymethyl Methacrylate & Carbon Black. 

MSDS available upon request. 

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