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🌸 Lash Suds is formulated specifically for eyelash extensions & smells heavenly 🌸

This eyelash cleanser helps remove sebum, dust, germs and all other makeup residue.  Cleaning lashes is an important part of your lash health and the care of your lash extensions & ensuring retention!


Apply 1 pump to the back of your hand or makeup pad, using a lash cleansing brush dip in the foam and leather on your closed eyelash extensions in circular motion (avoid opening your eye during application) rinse with water and pat to dry.  Once lashes are fully dried brush them out with a clean mascara brush. 


  • 60ml Foam Pump bottle 
  • Keep for you own use and/or Retail to clients 
  • Recommended to retail for $20+
  • To be used with our Petite Lash Cleansing brushes (sold separately) 

Clean lashes regularly to avoid blepharitis. Blepharitis is an infection of the eyelash follicle and can show symptoms of burning, redness along the eyelid margin, crusting or grittiness.

🚨Lash artists:  Please reach out if interested in retailing our Lash Suds to your clients.  Bulk discounts are available!

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