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Magnetic Lash Kit

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👋🏻 See ya sad Quarantine looking eyes! 

Magnetic Eyeliner & Lash Kit will give you the look of quickly, easily and painlessly!

The eyeliner contains ultra-fine magnetic particles that allow the magnetic lashes to easily connect.  It is also smudge proof and is used with a liquid eyeliner brush.  No need for any sticky GLUE!

Every strip of lashes comes with 5 magnetic pads.  These pads are what "click" onto the magnetic eyeliner.

Each Kit comes with an eyeliner, lash applicator and 3 different styles of lashes in your Choice of Doll Eye (Longer in the middle) or Cat Eye (Longer on the ends shorter in corners) or Short & Sweet (Very natural throughout) 

STYLE 1 - Cat Eye Look

This look is designed for all those Mega lash lovers out there! Get that Mega textured look without the time spent on the lash bed. Leave the DRAMA for your lashes!

STYLE 2 - Doll Eye Look

Step up your lash game for a night on the town! Oh wait, maybe a zoom party instead 😆 These Lashes are the perfect balance of Sexy meets Glam.  Defiantly our most popular. 

STYLE 3 - Short & Sweet Look

These lashes are the most natural of all and are perfect for everyday wear.  People are bound to do a double take with these lashes. Are they real or are they fake??  This will be our little secret.


You can get 10-20 uses out of each pair!

Each Kit comes with 3 different lash styles that were selected to be different starting from the top most dramatic down to the bottom most natural. 
Instructions included in box  
All Styles can be trimmed to fit your desired length

*ATTN LASH ARTISTS: If you are interested in carrying these lashes to sell in your salons please email us at for Bulk Discount Prices.   

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