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6 Lash Suds + Petite Brush Bundle

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Lash Artists who are all about clean lashes + killer retention. We got you 😉 .

Now you can buy 6 Lash Suds + 6 Petite Brushes at a discounted rate.
Aka get one free and don’t pay for the brushes. 💃

Sell one Lash Sud + Petite brush to each client for $20 and you could make $45 for every 6 you sell. This is a no brainer ladies. 

🌸  Lash Suds is formulated specifically for eyelash extensions & smells heavenly 

This eyelash cleanser helps remove sebum, dust, germs and all other makeup residue.  Cleaning lashes is an important part of your lash health and the care of your lash extensions & ensuring retention!

✨  Our Petite flat-nose cleaning brush is a perfect tiny sidekick for your salon.

Used with a foam cleanser that cleans lashes with or without lash extensions. This bad boy helps to remove makeup & debris.  Not to mention it’s pretty cute!