Lashin Out Academy

Looking to level up your lash game?

Want to discover a job that doesn't lock you in the 9-5 and gives you the flexibility to work when you want?

Lashing might be calling your name.

Our staff has over 9 years of experience & started lashing before it was even a fad! We have done every technique imaginable & absolutely love what we do.

Whether you are an experienced lasher who needs one on one help with one technique or new to lashing & want to jump start a career. We got you!

Our 2 day lash trainings can take you from a lash artist dreamer to being one yourself. It includes a full kit of all the lash essentials, take home lash manual & Certification upon completion.  Everything you need to kick start your lashing career! 


Certification is offered at our Lashin Out training academy located inside our salon downtown Calgary.  Class sizes can be one on one or up to 4 people max. (Depends demand )  

Dual certification - Classic & Volume 2 day course $2000 
Single certification - Classic 1 day $1000
Single Certification - Volume 1 day $1000 
Single certification - Strip lash look 1 day $1000

All certifications come with a full kit Valued at $400.


  • 4 Lash trays 
  • Lash adhesive 
  • Lash remover 
  • Eyepads
  • 3M tape
  • Lash suds &brush
  • Crystal heart adhesive holder
  • 2 or 3 tweezers (depending on single or dual) 
  • Renu-lash primer 
  • Microbrushes 
  • Nano mister
  • Lash brushes


Join us for Classic & Volume Dual Lash Training April 14 + 15th



Custom Kits

Are you a lash educator? Need customized lash kits at a discounted price?
Look no further Lashin out offers custom lash kits for training purposes at 20% off. All you need to do is spend a minimum of $250

And you will receive 20% off. That’s a $50 savings!! Please email us at to customize your kit! 


Ongoing mentorship is extremely important to us and believe that is something missing in the industry. After certification we are here to answer any questions you have along the way!

Already certified but need a bit of extra attention?!
1:1 mentoring available upon request $150 hour

Get tips & tricks on such things as:

  • Proper isolation
  • Increasing your speed
  • Retention tips
  • Lash Wrap Technique
  • Pinching Method
  • Lash mapping/styling

Contact us to schedule a mentoring session!