Lash Extension Tweezer Guide

✅Written by Nicki Mah, Lash Artist and Lashin Out Brand Ambassador

If you're a professional lash artist, you know that perfecting lash extensions requires a combination of skillful technique and the right tools. One of the most important tools in your kit is your eyelash extension tweezers. They play a big part in achieving the perfect look for your clients.

We are so excited to share our love for lashing with you! At Lashin’ Out, we know firsthand how important it is to have the right pair of tweezers for your lash application. 

In this comprehensive guide, we will cover everything you need to know about lash extension tweezers, including the different types and how to choose the right one. We'll also share some tips for proper use and maintenance.

Introduction to Lash Tweezers

Importance of Lash Tweezers in Eyelash Extension Application

As a lash artist, your tweezers are an extension of your hand. Having a good pair of tweezers can:

  • Improve the quality and speed of your work.
  • Give you greater control and stability for varying techniques.
  • Reduce hand fatigue, allowing for longer and more comfortable working periods.

Overview of Different Types of Lash Tweezers

This guide will discuss the most common types of lash tweezers used in eyelash extension applications. These include: 

  • Straight tweezers
  • Curved tweezers
  • 45-degree tweezers
  • 90-degree tweezers
  • Boot tweezers 

Each type of tweezer has its own unique shape and purpose, which we will explore further in the following sections.

Objective of the Guide

This guide aims to help you understand the different types of tweezers for eyelash extensions and their uses so that you can make an informed decision when purchasing your next pair. We want you to have all the information you need to choose the right tool for your specific needs. 

We will also provide helpful tips and tricks on how to properly use and maintain your tweezers to ensure they last a long time and give you the best performance possible. 

So, let's dive in and become tweezers experts together!

Understanding the Types of Lash Tweezers

To wield your tools effectively, you must first know them. At Lashin Out, we have two lines of tweezers to choose from:

  •  Blush Nano Tip Series: These high-quality tweezers have been crafted using advanced laser technology to create an intricate and precise nano-patterned tip for superior handling. Made from coated stainless steel, they are non-magnetic, so you don't have to deal with static, especially in dry climates.
  • Signature Series Tweezers: These artisan-crafted tweezers are made from uncoated Japanese Stainless Steel, which lacks magnetic properties. Designed for ergonomic comfort, they come equipped with a fine/precision tip. They are also resistant to tarnishing or fading, making them a long-lasting addition to your toolkit. 

All of our tweezers are certified for use with Accel/PREempt, CS20, and Cavicide so that you can sterilize them properly for the safety of your clients.

Receiving a new pair of tweezers in the mail that doesn't pick up lashes can be very disappointing. But at Lashin’ Out, we take quality control seriously. 

Every single tweezer is personally hand-tested before we send it to our customers. 

We stand behind our tweezers. If you are not satisfied with them, or they were damaged during transportation, we are more than happy to replace them for you.

Let's explore the most common types of lash extension tweezers and their individual uses.

Straight Tweezers

Straight tweezers are often the workhorses of any lash technician's toolkit. Their precision tips make them ideal for both classic lash application and isolation. The straight design allows for a perpendicular stance to the lash line, perfect for grabbing individual lashes.

If you are searching for the perfect straight tweezer, try out our Blush Nano Tip Tweezer in Straight or Slim. We also recommend our Signature Series Straight Lash Tweezer.

Lashin Out Nano Fiber Tip Tweezers
Item description: Blush Nano Tip Straight Tweezer

Curved Tweezers

Curved tweezers are a versatile tool in the lash artist's arsenal, often praised for their adaptability across various lashing techniques. The unique curvature at the tip of these tweezers allows for a more comfortable angle of work, especially when creating fans for volume lashes. They are a favourite for working closer to the lash line with isolation and classic lash applications.

The ergonomic design not only makes them suitable for picking up multiple lashes with ease but also aids in reducing hand fatigue during prolonged use.

If you are looking for a multi-functional tweezer, we recommend our Zaagi Curved tweezer, named after the Ojibwe word for "love." Zaagi is a precise and ergonomic tool for isolation, classic lash application, and volume lashing. Its entire paddle is the sweet spot, making it incredibly versatile. 

Our Signature Series Premium Curved Lash Tweezer is another must-have in your collection. It is primarily used for isolation but works just as well for mega volume fanning!


Curved Tweezer - Lashin Out Shop

Item description: Signature Series Premium Curved Tweezer

45 Degree Tweezers

45-degree tweezers are a favorite among lash artists for their versatility and precision. The angled tip allows easier access to hard-to-reach areas while providing the stability needed for properly isolating lashes. They are also ideal for creating fans in volume lashing.

If you are looking for a precision tip and angle for those hard-to-reach areas, try out our Blush Nano Tip Slim 45 Degree. Our Signature Series Mini Mega Lash Tweezer comes in both 45-degree and 90-degree options and is an excellent choice for those who like to fan off the strip.

Mini Mega Tweezers - Lashin Out Shop
Item description: Signature Series Mini Mega Lash Tweezer

90 Degree Tweezers

The sharp, angled tip of 90-degree tweezers allows for precise isolation and placement of lash extensions, making them a staple in any classic and volume lashing routine. They are great for gripping thinner lashes like 0.03mm, so they are a great option for mega volume fans. Their thin base makes them work well for the pinching method. 

Our Blush Nano Tip Rosé 90º and Essential Tweezer are both great options for lash artists looking for precision and control in their lashing techniques.

Item description: Blush Nano Tip Essential Tweezer

Boot Tweezers

Boot tweezers have a larger surface area at the tip, making them perfect for picking up and placing multiple lashes at once. They are great for volume lashing techniques as they provide a stable grip on the fan. 

Our Signature Series Premium Boot Volume Lash Tweezer and Blush Nano Tip Boot are designed to make grabbing 2-20 lashes a dream!

Boot Tweezer - Lashin Out Shop
Item description: Signature Series Premium Boot Volume Lash Tweezer

Selecting the Right Tweezers

The correct pair of tweezers can make your job enjoyable, while the wrong pair can make it a painful struggle. 

Picking the right tweezers is all about personal preference and comfort. With a range of styles to suit specific uses, try different types to find the ones that work best for you. 

Every artist has their unique technique, so some tweezers may be more compatible than others. Experimenting with different styles can help you find the ones that provide the precision and comfort you need.

Here are some other things to consider when selecting your lash extension tweezers.

Material Considerations

The material of a tweezer can affect its grip, weight, and durability.

Stainless Steel vs. Titanium

Stainless steel is the most common material for tweezers in the lash industry. It offers a good grip, stability, and durability and is easy to sterilize and maintain. Stainless steel is compatible with all skin types and is 100% recyclable. Its durability means there's no need to replace your tweezers every six months, making it a practical and long-lasting option. 

Titanium tweezers are another popular option, as they are lightweight and hypoallergenic. However, they may be weaker than stainless steel and require more care when handling.

Tip Precision and Length

The shape and size of the tip can vary widely between tweezers, making them suitable for different techniques. 

Longer tips provide more surface area for gripping and are suitable for classic lash extensions. Shorter tips are better for volume techniques, where more delicate work is required. 

Our Signature Series Mini Mega Lash Tweezer is perfect if you love a fine tip when lashing! They can hold 2-25 lashes and can be used for volume or mega volume fanning. They are also great for fanning off the strip.

Grip and Tension

The grip and tension of a tweezer can make all the difference in your lashing experience. A good grip allows for precise control and prevents slippage. The tension should be just right—not too stiff and not too loose to prevent hand fatigue.

Our Blush Nano Tip Moon Curved Tweezer is our first ever ergonomically correct tweezer! These tweezers are designed to take the strain off your wrist when trying to isolate those tricky inner and outer corners. They are also perfect for removing grown-out lashes or picking up classic lashes.

Weight and Comfort

Consider the weight of the tweezers, which is often a question of personal preference. Heavier tweezers can provide more stability but may lead to hand fatigue. Lighter tweezers can lessen the strain on your hand during long work hours.

Pro Tip 🌟

Always keep an extra pair of tweezers on hand in case you drop one mid-lash application. There is nothing worse than being caught with a bent pair of tweezers and no backup. Trust me, it will be a lifesaver! 

Maintenance and Care of Lash Tweezers

Your tweezers are a long-term investment in your craft and should be treated as such. Proper care will extend their lifespan and maintain their precision.

Cleaning and Disinfection

Maintaining the cleanliness and sterilization of your lash tweezers is vital for hygiene, optimal functionality, and to extend the lifespan of your tools. Properly disinfecting your tweezers can prevent the transfer of bacteria or infections between clients, which builds trust and keeps everyone safe. Plus, lash adhesive residue can accumulate on the tweezers, making them less precise and effective.

Keep your tweezers clean to perform as intended, allowing you to create beautiful, high-quality lash extensions. Follow these steps to keep your tweezers in top condition: 

  1. Remove adhesive: After each use, gently remove any lash adhesive from your tweezers using a lint-free wipe and an adhesive remover formulated for lash extensions to avoid damaging the material. Or you can simply dip them in our Adhesive Be Gone Tweezer Cleaner and then wipe with our Adhesive Wipes. Soak your tweezers for up to ten minutes for larger amounts of adhesive.
  2. Wash with soap: Use antibacterial soap and warm water to wash the tweezers and scrub all surfaces. Be thorough but gentle to avoid damaging the tips.
  3. Rinse with water: Rinse the tweezers under running water to wash away any soap residue, which could impact their grip and precision.
  4. Disinfect: Soak the tweezers in a disinfectant solution specifically designed for salon tools, like PreEmpt CS20 or HLD5, for 2-4 minutes. You can keep the solution in a sterilizer tray for up to 14 days before changing it. However, it is imperative to test the solution daily with test strips to ensure it remains effective.
  5. Dry completely: Before storing or using, make sure the tweezers are completely dry. Water spots can cause corrosion over time, so use a dry, lint-free cloth to remove moisture.
  6. Store properly: Keep your tweezers in a clean, dry place away from direct sunlight. A protective pouch or a tweezer stand can help maintain their shape and protect the tips from becoming dull or misaligned.

Proper Storage

Storing tweezers when not in use helps protect them from dust and damage. A tweezer case or stand keeps them organized and in good shape. In some areas, your storage will require a cover to pass a health inspection. 

Our Marble Tweezer Holder is designed to do just that. It can hold up to 8 tweezers and has a handy closing lid. Plus, it's made of premium-quality acrylic, so it's both stylish and durable. You'll love how it keeps your tweezers tidy and always within reach.

Sharpening and Alignment Checks

Over time, your tweezers can lose precision and may need sharpening or realignment. Regular wear-and-tear or improper handling is often the cause. If you notice that they are not picking up lashes as well as before, it's time for a maintenance check.

  • Sharpen: To sharpen your tweezers, use a fine-grit diamond nail file or a ceramic stone to gently rub the tips at an angle. Avoid using metal files or sandpaper, as they can cause damage. After sharpening, disinfect your tweezers again before use.
  • Alignment: If the tips are not aligned and do not meet evenly, you may need to realign them. Using an old pair of tweezers, gently squeeze the tips together until they meet evenly. Doing this yourself can be tricky, so if you're not comfortable, it's best to take them to a professional. Test them on a lash strip to ensure they pick up evenly. Watch a video on how to do it here.

Pro Tip 🌟

Keep the plastic top that your tweezers were shipped with. Store your tweezers with the top on to keep them aligned when not in use.

Techniques for Using Lash Tweezers Effectively

Now that you have your tweezers, let's dive into the techniques that will elevate your lash game.

Isolation Technique

  • Isolation cannot be an afterthought! This technique involves separating one natural lash from the others to prevent any lashes from sticking together, which can cause discomfort and damage. Slide the tweezer down until a natural lash is isolated and gently lift upwards and towards the center of the eye.

 When you take the time to isolate each individual lash properly, it means that:

  • You're prioritizing the health of your client's natural lashes.
  • Your clients won't feel any discomfort from "stickies."
  • Your clients will have healthy lash growth between fills.

We highly recommend the Blush Nano Tip Tweezer in Slim or Moon Curved. These tweezers offer extra precision and control when isolating lashes. They are crafted using innovative laser technology that creates an intricate and precise nanopattern tip.

Pick-up Technique

To achieve flawless sets, you need to use your tweezer carefully and with precision. 

Begin by gently pulling the tweezer's tip across the lash strip towards you, pressing down slightly to ensure a good grip on the lashes. Focus on grabbing one lash or fan at a time, making sure that you get a grip close to the base of the lash without damaging it. Lift the lash straight up to remove it from the strip cleanly.  

The right amount of pressure and angle when picking up the lash can significantly affect the ease of application and the final look of the lash set. Practice and patience are key to mastering this technique.

Placement Technique

When applying the extensions, placement is critical. 

Each extension should be attached approximately 0.5 to 1 mm from the base of the natural eyelash.You don’t want the glue touching the skin and the natural lash needs enough space to continue growing healthily. 

The placement technique involves touching the base of the extension to the natural lash. Hold the tweezer vertically and apply light pressure to the base of the extension, allowing it to adhere to the natural lash.

The extension should be placed on top of the natural lash if the client's lashes naturally point downward or underneath if they point upwards, adhering it parallel to the natural lash to achieve a seamless look.

Tips for Handling Volume Fans

Volume fans are a game-changer for creating full and fluffy lash sets. However, handling them can be tricky as they are more delicate than individual lashes.

  • Make sure your tweezer tips are clean and free of residue before picking up the fans.
  • Avoid using too much pressure when gripping the fan; this can cause it to lose its shape.
  • Use a gentle rolling motion to pick up the fan from the strip, pressing lightly on either side of the base to create a "v" shape.
  • To adjust the fan's width, gently squeeze the tweezer tips together, creating a narrower or wider spread.

Pro Tip 🌟

Our favourite volume lashing technique is the pinch method. It's an effortless way to create any volume fan, from a 2D to a 20D fan! Watch a video here to see how we do it.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Even with the most skilled hands, issues can arise. Here are common problems and their solutions.

Tweezers Not Picking Up Lashes

The most common cause of this issue is build-up on the tweezer tips. Make sure to clean your tweezers regularly to prevent this from happening. 

It could also be due to a lack of tension or sharpness. Adjust the tension or sharpen the tweezers as needed.

Difficulty in Isolating Lashes

If you’re struggling to isolate, consider using an isolation tweezer for better results. It could also be a matter of technique—practice patience and finesse. Try using different angles and grips to find what works best for you.

Pro Tip 🌟

If you are struggling with isolation and getting your sets full, try the tape-back method. By lifting the top layers of lashes up and out of the way, the bottom layer will be automatically isolated for you, making those lashes easier to work with. Watch how to do it here.

Dropping Lashes

Your tweezers might be dropping lashes due to over-gripping or a lack of tactile sensitivity in the tweezers. Practice the correct amount of tension for your desired effect.

Advanced Tips and Tricks

Here are some advanced strategies for the pros looking to take their tweezer skills to the next level.

Customizing Tweezers for Personal Comfort

Don't be afraid to bend your tweezers slightly to fit your hand perfectly. Just be cautious to keep the tips' alignment and precision the same during the process.

Speed and Precision Enhancement Techniques

Use small movements and practice to develop muscle memory. Over time, you'll be able to work faster while retaining precision.

Watch here to see how our biz owner and educator, Jaz, completes ALL her full sets in only one and a half hours! Here are her recommendations to speed things up:

  • Work from eye to eye to achieve an even look.
  • Never put down your tweezers—Even if you have to grab more lashes or glue, try to keep your tweezers in your hands. Putting them down all the time can add minutes to your service. Every second counts.
  • Practice, practice, practice—even if it’s on a sponge! You have muscle memory on your hands. The more you make fans and isolate, the quicker you’ll get.
  • Don’t stress about not getting 100% coverage—some lash techs think it’s not a full set if you don’t get ALL the lashes. Keep in mind what look the client wants and how many natural lashes they have.
  • Prepare ahead of time. Have everything you need in your workspace before the client comes so that you can start right away and not have to leave to grab more supplies.

Level Up Your Lash Game With Lashin' Out!

Lash extension tweezers are not just tools; they are an extension of your skill and creativity. With the right tweezer and techniques, you can achieve any lash look your client desires. 

Always prioritize the health and comfort of your client's natural lashes while making them feel beautiful and confident with their new extensions!  

At Lashin' Out, we believe in empowering lash artists to explore, experiment, and excel. We've designed our tweezers with your needs in mind so you can create beautiful lash sets that truly shine. We encourage you to test different styles and techniques to find what resonates with your flair and enhances your craftsmanship. 

The beauty industry is constantly evolving, and so should your skills. Continuous learning and consistent practice are your best tools for growth. Stay curious, stay inspired, and never hesitate to push the boundaries of what you can achieve with your tweezers in hand.

Ready to take your lash artistry to new heights? Check out our collection of high-quality tweezers and find your perfect match. Your next masterpiece awaits. Explore now. 

Keep Lashin' and Lovin' what you do! 🖤✨


How do I choose the right type of tweezer for different lash extension techniques?

Choose based on your technique and comfort. Different lash techniques require different tweezers. Volume lashing needs fine-tipped, lightweight, and balanced tweezers, while classic lashing needs a tweezer with a stronger grip. 

Why are my tweezers not picking up or holding onto the lashes properly?

Consider adjusting the tension or sharpening your tweezers for better results. Tweezers can lose their grip over time due to build-up, tension issues, or dullness. Regular cleaning and maintenance can help prevent this issue. 

How do I properly disinfect my lash tweezers without damaging them?

Start by cleaning the tweezers with a gentle cleanser. Then, disinfect them using a disinfectant solution specifically designed for salon tools, like PreEmpt CS20 or HLD5. Follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully. Remember to rinse and dry your tweezers thoroughly after disinfection.

What techniques can I use to improve my speed and accuracy with lash tweezers?

Improving speed and precision with lash tweezers requires consistent practice, muscle memory, and various movements. Before starting a service, make sure to have all the necessary supplies ready. Keep your tweezers in hand as much as possible during the process for better control. Continuous practice and experimentation with different techniques can lead to gradual improvement over time.

How do I know when it's time to replace my lash tweezers?

When your tweezers start to lose their grip or become dull or misaligned, it's time to replace them. Your tweezers are an investment in your lash career, and regularly replacing them can help maintain the quality of your work and avoid any potential harm to your client's natural lashes.