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Adhesive Be Gone- Tweezer cleaner

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A lash artist worst nightmare is adhesive on our tweezers!!! Am I right??

Watch your tweezers behave better when soaked in this miracle potion. Never scratch or file the adhesive off your tweezers again.

Just dip them in our Adhesive Be Gone cleaner and wipe with our Lint Free Wipes and voila good as new! 

Directions for use:

Dip tweezer in and submerge tips.  Squeeze sponge between tips.  Wipe with paper towel or Adhesive wipes.  For bigger chunks of glue, leave tweezers in solution for longer. Always close lid after use to prevent premature evaporation.

Please note:  This should NOT be use to disinfect or sanitize tweezers.  Only use to remove adhesive off tweezers for longer lasting tweezers

Ingredients: Acetone & Ethyl Acetate

MSDS available upon request