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Flexi Foam Eye Pads

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*NEW Flexi Loam Eye pads.  

Are you tired of Gel pads that are just too big for clients with high cheekbones or sunken eyes? Making the pads move around or push upward into the client’s eyes, making the gel seep and leak? Or using sticky tape that rips clients skin & bottom lashes off when removing? 

Look no further. We are now offering these amazing new Flexi Foam Eye Pads that are a great alternative to the standard Gel pads or Tape. The surface is made of a very thin flexible foam texture that is smooth. Your clients will thank you when you make the switch.


What is to love:

⚡️Designed with a flexible foam surface to create a custom fit for all different eye shapes

✌️Reposition with ease + hold firmly in place throughout the application process

 Lint free and no sticky residue left over!

⏱ALL of our eye pads come with an expiry date- So you know they will be fresh, NEVER dried out and have the best adhesion on the market! 

👁Perfect for clients with sensitive eyes 

👌Can be used to pull back lashes while lashing in layers 

🌸Scent free