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Flexi Foam Eye Pads

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Flexi Foam Eye Pads are a great alternative to standard Hydrogel Eye Pads or Paper Tape. Made of a very thin, flexible foam that is smooth and comfortable on the skin, our Flexi Foam Eye Pads are easy to apply and stay put on your client's skin! 


  • Flexible foam material allows for a custom and secure fit on all eye shapes.
  • Stays firmly in place throughout the lash application process.
  • Lint-free.
  • Fragrance-free.
  • Excellent choice for sensitive-eyed clients.
  • Can also be used to pull back lashes while lashing in layers.
  • ALL of our eye pads come with an expiry date — so you know they will be fresh, NEVER dried out and have the best adhesion possible! 

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