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Fan & Adhesive Shaker

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🌸 This dual purpose Fan & Adhesive Shaker is a must have for your studio!

As Lash Artists, we know how important it is to shake our adhesive before every drop! We also know that it's important to fan our clients after lash application to get rid of any glue fumes. With this product, you can do both!


  • 5 attachments to fit any size adhesive cap.
  • Handheld device.
  • Portable (comes with a custom cloth bag for storage protection). 
  • Battery operated (requires 2 AAA batteries)

How to use:

1) Add batteries (not included).

2) Choose appropriate white connecter and push forcefully to insert.  

3) Add fan or choose attachment head (black).

4) Insert cap of adhesive bottle into black holder (make sure its sung).

5) Shake adhesive for 30 seconds to 1 minute before initial use, and 15-20 sec when re-dropping.

6) Voila - The Adhesive is fully mixed and to ready to use! 

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