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A Hygrometer measures the humidity and temperature of any environment. It is a very useful device to use while lashing to ensure proper curing time your adhesive. 

Thanks to our Hygrometer, you will be able to read the temperature and humidity levels in your lashing environment. The lower the humidity, the slower your adhesive cure time is. The higher the humidity, the faster your adhesive cure time is. 

The proper humidity & temperature levels for Lashin Out adhesives are as follows:

  • Magnetic Force Humidity 30%-70% Temp 18-22 celsius (65-72F)
  • Flash Bond Humidity 40%-70% Temp 18-23 celsius (65-73 F)
  • Lash Bomb Humidity 45%-65% Temp 18-22 celsius (65-72 F) 

Battery Operation: Requires 1 x AAA battery (not included) 

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