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New* Hydrometer

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Hydrometer is to measure the humidity and temperature of your environment

It is a very useful device to use while lashin to ensure proper curing time your adhesive.

Thank to this, you know your current working environment and how it will affect your adhesive. The lower the humidity is, the slower your glue curing is. The higher the humidity is, the faster your glue curing.

Use this hydrometer, put it in your room and check it daily to choose the right glue for your clients.

Here is a list of proper Humidity & Temperature levels for our adhesives:

  • Magnetic Force Humidity 30%-70% Temp 18-22 celsius (65-72F)
  • Flash Bond Humidity 40%-70% Temp 18-23 celsius (65-73 F)
  • Lash Bomb Humidity 45%-65% Temp 18-22 celsius (65-72 F) 

*Make sure to follow manufactures instructions on your adhesive's best humidity & temperature levels for optimal retention  

Battery Operation: Require 1 x AAA battery (excluded)