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Lash Suds Eyelash Cleanser

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Lash Suds are formulated specifically for use on eyelash extensions, providing a thorough cleanse with each use.


  • Effectively removes sebum, dust, dirt, and makeup residue.
  • Gentle scent.
  • Foam consistency.
  • Regular use of our lash cleanser helps to maintain the health of the natural lashes for lash extension wearers, reducing the risk of infection and inflammation.
  • Proven to maximize retention with regular use.

How To Use:

  • Instruct your client to close their eyes and keep them closed.
  • Apply 1 pump of Lash Suds to each eye.
  • Using a Petite Cleaning Brush, begin brushing along the lash line and the eyelid in both circular and stippling motions.
  • Thoroughly rinse the lashes with water. It may be necessary to repeat this process until the lash extensions are completely clean. 
  • After rinsing, use a Fan to dry the lashes.
  • Once lashes are fully dried, brush them out with a clean Mascara Wand. 

Each bottle of Lash Suds is 60 ml/ 2.1 fl. oz.

Lash Artists: Bulk discounts are available if interested in retailing our Lash Suds to your clients.  (For further inquiries, please contact

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    Lash Suds - Lashin Out Shop
    Lash Suds - Lashin Out Shop
    Lash Suds - Lashin Out Shop