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*NEW* Nano Mister

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Our NEW and improved Nano Mister is a MUST HAVE for every lash artist.  

Moisture is needed to cure adhesive. Although, we don’t need TOO much moisture or we chance “shock curing” - where the adhesive is forced to cure in seconds instead of gradually, the way it is intended to for the strongest possible hold.

With this Nano Mister you will be able to maximize retention while offering a soothing finish for your clients after every lash service.   


  • Cool mist offers a nice, relaxing finish for clients
  • Cures glue faster 
  • Locks in glue fumes 
  • Lessens likelihood of irritation post-service
  • USB chargeable - no batteries required!
  • Comes with a funnel for filling with ease

How to use:

  • Hold the nano mister far enough away so that only the tail of the mist is in contact with the lashes. 
  • Mist for twenty seconds, sweeping back and forth between both eyes. 
  • If water droplets appear on the lashes, you may be holding the mister too close to the lash line, or too long in the one position. If this occurs you could crystallize or shock the adhesive (glue shows up white on lash line) To correct that hold further back and for less time. 

*Make sure to ONLY fill with distilled water and only spray