💕  3 items that are 100% worth buying on Amazon for Lash Artists.

💕 3 items that are 100% worth buying on Amazon for Lash Artists.

We are big fans (no pun intended) of saving money. Let's be real, the more money you can save on lash items the more money YOU can make off of a client.

When it comes to your tools, this isn't always a place you want to penny pinch because bad tools or lashes can = to lost clients. That just isn't cool. Instead we are fans of saving money on the little things that won't make or break your work. Here are some items we always by through Amazon because they are cute and a no brainer.


💕 Pink Dental Napkins. As some of you might know, Jaz started out in the dental world and is the queen of making everything cute and PINK. These napkins are cost effective & fit the aesthetic perfectly. Since they come in a pack of 125, they last forever. Bookmark this one for sure!

💦  Saline Solution. You may already know we are a big fan of this one. This comes in a big pack which you can buy either on Amazon or at a beauty supply store. Just because you are saving some dough doesn't mean the quality is any different.

🧤 Disposable Medical Gloves. Now this might not be for everyone but we highly recommend every artist consider the benefits of wearing gloves during an appointment. There is no denying that this is the cleanliest way to work & it makes clients feel that much more comfortable.

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