Why Nano Misters are a must-have to level up your Lash Biz.

Why Nano Misters are a must-have to level up your Lash Biz.

Nano Misters

Why these cuties are a must-have to level up your Lash Biz. Let’s be honest. The lashin biz is competitive. There is some beauty right down the street that might offer the exact same service as you BUT for a cheaper rate. (Oh great🙄) So how do you stand out!? There was a time in which we were asking ourselves the same question. Let’s be clear - these are exactly the kind of questions you should be asking yourself. Better, evaluated service = better, evaluated clients + TIPS (can you say Cha Ching?💸) The truth is, great retention will always equal to happier clients AND more revenue for you. This might seem counter productive since bad retention = more appointments right? Wrong. Let’s remember one very important thing. Every time your client looses a lash, they see it. That sad little gem that fell into their sink.

😢 This is unavoidable. If you did a set with BAD retention you will get this more frequently + in all the wrong ways. 

As you already know bad retention can be cause by many different things, such as placement, amount of adhesive, how you prime/clean natural lashes, oils being applied to the lash extension....etc.  But it could also be caused by not properly CURATING. 

Regardless of the reason your clients WILL feel the pain of increased lash loss and you will be the first they complaint too.....Or their friends=NO lash referrals


Um, NO thank you


These tiny but mighty nano misters are an integral part to proper curation. Moisture is needed to cure adhesive. Be careful though! We don’t need TOO much moisture TOO soon or we chance “shock curing” (Turning white) - where moisture spontaneously reacts with WET cyanoacrylate (Main ingredient in lash glues) it’s recommended to dry first with a fan 30 seconds-1 min prior to nano misting to prevent shock curing! 

That is why these Nano Misters are a much have. They allow you to gently spray droplets onto the lashes at the end of an appointment. It also wraps up your lash appointment with an evaluated ‘spa experience’. Common, $15 for all that + a way to maximize retention. This is a no brainer people! Check out our 4 adorable colours for Nano Misters. Luxury Nano misters are on the way as well 😉