✨ Managing client's expectations ✨

✨ Managing client's expectations ✨

It starts with the welcome process. Here are a feel things to remember as you interact with all clients.

✨ Ask questions - many people come to the appointment with an idea of what they want or some concerns about the process. Yes we do have an aftercare sheet but taking a moment to talk someone through it goes so far. Ask questions like: have you had lash extensions before? Why now? Any concerns? Have you ever had an allergic reaction before?

✨ Listen - it's amazing how far an open ear goes so far. This should be practiced throughout the entire appointment.

✨ Prepare your client. Just like how we prep lashes, it is important to lay a proper foundation and explain to your client what to expect & that fallen lashes are NORMAL.

Wrap it all up by reminding them they have an open line of communication to you. Any questions or concerns, you are there to answer.