How to keep and retain lash clients

Client Retention - Our Top 4 Tips

Without clients, us lash artists would not be able to do lashes. While this seems quite obvious, it is important to remember that we cannot grow without seeing lash clients and practicing our craft. 

How To Keep Clientele As A Lash Artist?

Even the most experienced lash artists have had to build their businesses from the ground up, which includes building a clientele. Attracting new clients and promoting your lash biz is a whole other subject of its own, which we will definitely touch on in the future. For the purpose of this blog, we are going to focus on how to maintain your current clientele and how to maximize your client retention with our top 4 tips!


Tip #1 - Offer a Safe and Welcoming Environment.

Lash extensions are a luxurious service, but when they are done in an environment that is not up to standard with local health and safety regulations, the service becomes far from luxurious. It is important that your lash studio is clean, organized, and calm. Depending on the length of your services, your clients may be spending multiple hours at your studio, so you want to make sure that your clients feel welcome and safe when they are with you!


Tip #2 - Be An Effective Communicator.

Whether you are communicating with your clients over text, e-mail, phone call, or in person, it is important that you put the most amount of effort and consideration into your conversations as possible. A few examples of where being an effective communicator comes into play are...

During your pre-service consultation with a new client for a full set of lashes. If your client is unsure of the look they want, ask them lots of questions! Make sure that before you begin the service that you and your client are on the exact same page about the look they are going for.

While explaining your policies to your clients. If you have a client that is frequently going against your policies (for example, your aftercare policy, late policy, payment policy, etc.), it is important to stand up for yourself and your business by informing them that whatever is occurring cannot continue. Remember, be respectful and receptive.


✨ Tip #3 - Be On Time.

As frustrating as it can be when a client is late to their lash appointment, this feeling of frustration goes both ways when the lash artist is late to their clients' appointments. Of course, life happens and sometimes we run late, but do not let this become a regular occurrence. Going off of Tip #2 and being an effective communicator, if you are running late to your client's appointment, reach out to them and let them know! Honesty is the best policy. 


✨ Tip #4 - Be Yourself. 

Above all, it is so important to stay true to you and to be yourself around your clients. Not every client is going to be a perfect match for you as the lash artist, and that is nothing to take personally. Over time, you will attract and retain the clients who not only love your work, but love you for who you are! It is not worth it to pretend to be someone that you are not, both as a lash artist and as an individual. 


4 tips to keep your lash extension clients