11 Amazon Gems Every Lash Artist Needs

11 Amazon Gems Every Lash Artist Needs

As the season of ‘deals’ arrive upon us, we thought this would be a great opportunity to put together a must-have list for Lash Artists like you. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a great amazon find?

As some of us pause over the next few weeks for holiday breaks or lockdowns, now is a great time to kick you feet up + do some online shopping for your business. Looking for more specific Lash Artist products? Check out our Must-Have section for lash accessories and more.

So let’s dive into some Amazon finds that earned a 5 star in our books.

  1. Baush & Lomb Eye Wash aka Renu Rinse.
    You beauties already know we are a huge fan of this product. Watch how we use it or lash baths here. You can grab a pack of 6 here or keep your eyes on Shoppers Drug Mart. They often sell a smaller size for $5 each.

  2. Lashin Chair.
    Fantastic for our posture, encouraging core engagement with working + known for boosting energy levels. There are a few of these on the market but this is the one we use + adore. You have probably seen it in a few of our videos on lash stretches, posture + core engagement. Good news is - it is on sale for 16% off plus free shipping!

  3. This fantastic product was brought to our attention by one of our amazing students during a training + what a brilliant idea! Eye strain be gone! This Fancii Head Magnifier might not be the cutest thing in the world but your pretty eyes will thank you for it. Besides, who is looking at you anyways? Your clients eyes are closed. 😉 This is a great find for those of you who might not have a lashin light yet since it comes with it’s very own built in one. 

  4. A clean + simply Lashin Mirror.
    This mirror is affordable + the perfect size for showing off the final master piece to your client. Tucks away easily into your cart + it also comes in pink!

  5. Hand Sani.
    This is a given right now and should 100% always be in your lashin room. COVID or not. Germs are everywhere. This find on Amazon comes with many different size option including a refill version. This might be one of the most important must-haves. Lotion to hydrate and protect your pretty hands. Gloves in a bottle has been loved by brands like Go Clean Go and for a good reason. Anyone who works with their hands often OR wears gloves - this is a no brainer. You won’t regret this buy.

  6. Hygrometer.
    Lash Artists you should know this is a nonnegotiable. If you want proper retention + to maximize lash glue effectiveness you need one of these. We love this one because it is affordable, cute and slick. None of that clunky cheesy looking products. YOU deserve posh looking everything.

  7. Contoured Eye Mask.
    Okay, maybe a tiny bit less of a must-have but this is an amazing product to know of + recommend to your clients. AND it comes with an adorable lash version. There are many eye masks on the market but this one is truly the best for lash extensions due to its shape. It is extra contoured to make sure that there is plenty of room to leave your lashes untouched. These also help with retention! How you might ask? Many people sleep on their stomach because it blocks out more light. They might not even realize this! Encourage your clients to try using this and lay on their back while sleeping. It takes a bit of training but sleeping on your back helps with lash retention AND with preventing face + chest wrinkles. Need we say more?
  1. Phone Light.
    We love this product because it is compact + creates a beautiful glow on your videos + after photos. What is a beautiful ‘after’ photo without the perfect lighting? It just doesn’t have the same impact. The last thing you need is for the photo NOT to do your work justice. This is also great for creating video content for your page especially if you aren’t  fan of throwing on a million filters. This brings our you natural glow.

  2. Double Vacuum Sealed super cute water bottle.
    It is easy to get carried away with clients and forget to sip the good stuff (water). Yes, a good quality water bottle can be pricey BUT so worth the investment. Think about how often you are going to use this bad boy. LOTS. Having a water bottle you love also means you will drink more water. Trust us on this one. We love this one because it comes in various colours + sizes. It is top quality, holds hold or cold liquid + even comes with a straw.

  3. Soft Cozy + Warm Electric Blanket.
     These tiny investments will truly make a big difference in your clients experience. It is important to remember that Lashin is a luxury service, going above and beyond  will set you apart + keep your clients wanting to come back. The most comfortable experience you can create for them the better. This blanket is super cute, cozy warm + washable. Those of you who are washing everything in between clients might prefer to buy 3 or 4 of these so you can swap them out between clients. Still cute + washable!

  4. Muscle Massager.
    Imagine this. After a long day of lashing you pour yourself a glass of vino, sit by the fire and enjoy a deep tissue massage done by - you. These self massagers have been taking off and for a good reason. Problem is - there are so many to choose from. This is our fav + one that we use on the regular. It is well worth the money for what you get out of it. Remember, your health = the health/success of your business. Invest in these products, your body with thank you!

  5. Last but not least, a Room Humidifier.
    Another product that has flood the market but there seems to be very few pretty and good quality ones. This specific product gets it’s 5 star ratings for a good reason, just read the reviews! We love it because it looks gorgeous on any side table and has a working timer. Just click + go. 


We truly believe that these products are gems in their own way + will help to level up your lash game. Keep an eye on them over the next few weeks for some amazing deals.