Balancing Work and Raising 3 Daughters??

Balancing Work and Raising 3 Daughters??

Real Talk. 

I get asked all the time how do you do it?? Raise 3 kids and run a successful business.  The short answer is some days I don’t.  But let me tell you about the days where I can do it ALL.

I really have to prioritize my days. I love being a mom and I love my job but I knew I didn’t want to be a slave to work and miss out on those precious moments with my girls. So the word I “try” to live my life by is “BALANCE” its truly a juggling act with 3 kids, husband and both of us are self employed and run 2 incorporated businesses. We also are very social and need our friends and family around (COVID kinda messed that up) So how do I get it all done?

Well let me tell you….I devote 3 days in my week to work the rest is for my family, now let me explain in detail what my day looks like.

On the days I have my nanny I work and I mean WORK. I’m not one to waste the day scrolling though IG (well, sometimes lol) but I know my time is precious so I work my A** off on the days devoted to work. My brain is constantly thinking of new products I can bring in or what kind of content you guys wanna see. I did need help though (Don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it)  So I hired a social media Guru because as most of you know social media IS a full time job and that is how I get most of my business. So when I’m not Lashin I’m spending time with her creating content, shipping out your orders, answering emails, or learning by listening to business podcasts, its GO GO GO. My business coach Sheila Bella once said “Your business won’t grow by watching Netflix every night” lol. It's so true! I've put my blood, sweat & tears into my business. I’ve spent many late nights talking to manufactures and planning my next business move. Growth doesn’t happen by dreaming, it happens when your motivated to start doing.  

Now on the nights I get home from work I really try to put the PHONE away.  My husband and I made this rule that when we get home from work we put our phones in the basket by the door and don't touch them till the girls are in bed.  I have to admit some days we cheat and sneak a text or email, some days are easier than others. But when I walk in my house I know my girls need me and I’m in MOMMY mode now. I try and give them and my husband the quality time they deserve.  It’s all about balance.

On my days off from work I love to do different activities with my girls, whom are all under the age of 6. My oldest is in grade 1 so either me or my hubby drops her off at school. Then I do some crafts, baking or park time with my 4 and 2 year old. Again, I have to admit it’s hard not to answer emails or work texts on those days but I have to keep reminding myself that my girls need and deserve all my attention. Some days are easier than others, I’m still human and have meltdowns, take on too much, get frustrated with my kids or just have a bad day where I feel like a failure. But I think it’s important to have those moments and let out a good cry because life isn’t easy. I will always pick my self up again and remind my self how lucky I am to have this great life. I also surround myself with great family & friends and have a strong faith in God.  All these things keep me going! 

So moral of the story is to try your best to have BALANCE in everything you do. Work hard on the days devoted to work and put QULAITY time in on days with famliy.  Enjoy the best of both worlds.