How to reach your ideal client.

How to reach your ideal client.

☎️ Hello?

Is anyone there?

Every feel like you are posting + planing + putting yourself out there just to get a few likes?

✋🏽Stop throwing things into the wind + doing what everyone else does. 

YOU are better than that + so is your business. 

Here are 5 tips on how to target your ideal client + how to get results. 


 1. Become familiar with your target audience + then become BFFs.

Before you do anything you need to define WHO your target audience is. We like to get even more specific than that + define our target audience as our ideal client. We are going to pull the curtain and explain the details of what we have done + what worked incredible well for us. 

Think about your ideal client. Your unicorn, tips well, behaves wells never late client. Maybe you are lucky enough to already have this client on our roster. In that case, even better! 

In a word doc fill out the following: 

Your ideal client’s

  • Name
  • Age
  • Demographics
  • Career
  • Interests
  • Fav brands
  • Preferred social platform

Once you have done this, do it two more times (even if you need to make up these people). At the end you should have three different people (make up or real people). Hold this document very close to your business/marketing plans. This should help determine every move you make. You should find yourself asking questions like, would my target audience Stacey respond well to this?


2. Speak their language.  

For the sake of this exercise we are going to give you an example target audience persona, Stacey. 

Stacey is 24 and a student. She doesn’t have much disposable income but always saves up for her lash appointments. Her + her friends love all things beauty. She spends lots of time on Instagram + is very tech savvy. 

In order to study you target audience your must put yourself in their shoes + try to identify their wants, desires and pain points.

If we were to approach this example we would find a number of different insights. 

Stacey is a student and doesn’t have much disposable income. Discounts, codes + flash sales could work very well with this audience especially because she is tech savvy. 

Stacey has similar interests as her friends. This here is an opportunity for YOU. See it as an untouched market of other people who are our target audience. A referral program could work extremely well as an incentive for Stacey but also as a way to reach this wider audience. 

Since Stacey is often on Instagram, it is absolutely crucial that you be on that platform daily in order to start top of mind + connected.


3. Check yourself.

You might not even know about this feature on Instagram and if not *happy dance* because it is a game changer. 

*You must have a business account to view*

How to view backend analytics within Instagram:

  • Click the ‘hamburger menu’ in the top right corner
  • Select Insights > Select total followers

Make sure you are viewing within the past 30 days. 
This will show you who is currently following you. Where they live, their age, gender, even when they are most active!

So what do you do with this info?

You want to ensure that the majority of people fall within your target audience. If not, yo need to get busy to ensure that you are reaching those people. 


4. Give them what they want.

Here is another hot tip for you. You can view how much people engaged with our post, not just ‘liked’ it.

Pull up one of your recent posts and select Insights. 

Here you can see the likes/comments, how many people saved your post, how many people sent it to someone else. THIS right here is very valuable info! It takes some time but go through all of them + see what preformed really well. As you can see here, we took note of the fact that this post preformed really well and will put out more content like this. 

At Lashin Out, we do a 3 month breakdown to see what preformed best and develop a plan based off of those new insights. 


5. Don’t be a one hit wonder.

The most common mistake we see with Lash Artists is the terrible habit of posting only before + afters. These certainly have a place and purpose but you must offer more for a number of reasons. For starters, it is dang boring. You can do better than that and trust us when we say - people want more than that. 

So what else should you show?

  • Get to know you posts
  • Educational posts
  • Funny relatable posts
  • Promotional sale posts

We have some more killer tips here. 

Every month we preplan our social strategy and have a purpose linked to every post. Yes, this is more work but the rewards you get when you put in that extra time + attention far outweighs it all.