Lashin Out M Curl Extensions

M Curl – Why We Love It, Benefits, & More!

M curl lashes are becoming popular– and for good reasons. You might already have some but have not got around to using them yet. Or, perhaps you are simply wanting to learn more about this unique curl. Regardless, we think that every lash artist should have M curl lashes on hand, and we want to share more about this stunning curl and its benefits!

What Is M Curl?

M curl lashes have a flat base, with a steep-sloped curl. With their straight, elongated tips, M curl lashes provide a dramatic lifting effect without being too overpowering. 

Unlike L curl lashes (which do not have a traditional curved curl like a C or D but rather a sharp, angled curl), M curl provides a softer, more rounded curl at the base. This makes it more approachable for lash artists who have yet to work with a unique curl. Once you give M curl a try, both you and your clients are going to love it!

M Curl Volume Lash Extensions

When Should You Use M Curl?

Although M curl looks incredible on practically every client, it looks especially stunning on clients with straight or slightly-downturned natural lashes.

If you are looking to achieve a dramatic lifting effect with your clients’ lashes, then M curl is one of the best options. The stunning look of this curl is guaranteed to make your clients’ eyes pop!

M Curl Lash Extensions

Benefits of M Curl Lashes

The flat base of M curl lashes means that you are given more contact points between the extension and the natural lash. The more contact points you have, the greater your retention will be!

Not only can M curl be used on a variety of eye shapes, but it also looks incredible when mixed with other curls such as C, CC, and D! Level-up your Strip Lash Look sets by combining our M curl volume lashes with our Pre Made Spikes (link product) in C curl for some gorgeous texture and dimension.

M Curl Lashes

Lashin Out’s M curl lashes have a non-sticky base, meaning that regardless of the method you use to create your volume fans, they will fan like butter–every time!

Have Some Fun With M Curl!

Our M Curl lashes are currently available in 0.05 diameter and are available in mixed trays of 9mm-14mm. Each tray contains 16 rows of premium quality, triple-heated lashes. SHOP OUR M CURL

This unique curl truly allows you as a lash artist to get creative and create some beautiful sets that your clients will be blown away by! Watch us create an M curl set from start-to-finish here.

M Curl Lash Extensions