Top 10 Must-Have Products For Your Lash Cart

Top 10 Must-Have Products For Your Lash Cart

Are you a new lash artist wondering what essential products to have on your lash cart? Or maybe you have been in the lash industry for a while but are looking to add some new products to your cart? No matter what point you are at in your career as a lash artist, these are our top 10 must-have products that you need to have on your lash cart.


1. Hold My Tweezers Stand

If you are anything like us, you have an endless amount of tweezers! We love our Hold My Tweezers Stand because it securely organizes your lash tweezers and can be easily sanitized.

Shop our Hold My Tweezers Stand here.


2. Adhesive Home

Lash adhesive is one of your most expensive lash products, so why not ensure that it stays fresh for as long as possible? Our Adhesive Home keeps up to three bottles of adhesive in an anti-humidity, air-tight environment, which is exactly what your adhesive should be stored in when you are not using it.

Shop our Adhesive Home here.


3. Tape

Whether you are using it to tape back the top layer of lashes, to secure down the lower lashes, or to reach those pesky inner corner lashes, tape is a Lash Artist's best friend. 

For the tape-back technique, we always reach for our Paper Tape.

For securing down the lower lashes, we recommend our Foam Tape. Fun fact, this tape can be used in place of traditional Hydrogel Eye Pads for your sensitive-eyed clients!

For getting those pesky inner corner lashes, we love using our Green Tape. This tape adheres well to the skin, but is gentle and easy to remove.


4. Applicators

We always have our lash cart stocked with these applicators: Micro Brushes, Flocked Applicators, and Mascara Wands!

Micro Brushes are our go-to applicator to use to prime the natural lashes, whether that be at a full set appointment or a fill appointment. Their precise tip allows you to thoroughly prime your clients natural lashes.

Our Flocked Applicators are versatile– they can be used to prime the lashes, as well as to assist in lash removals using our Cream Remover

Mascara Wands are a staple, not only for you to use to brush through your clients lashes, but also for you to give to your clients at the end of their appointment! 


5. Lash Suds

Our favourite product for maintaining natural lash health, our Lash Suds have a permanent place on our lash cart. This gentle cleanser is designed for use on the eyes and is incredibly effective at removing makeup, oil, and dirt from the lashes. Use our Petite Cleaning Brush with our Lash Suds to give your clients lashes the most thorough cleanse possible!

Shop our Lash Suds here.


6. Fan & Adhesive Shaker

A 2 for 1 product, our Fan & Adhesive shaker has a variety of adapters that allow for it to be used to quickly mix lash adhesive, or to dry your clients lashes.

Shop our Fan & Adhesive Shaker here.


7. Heart Lash Mirror

Having a lash mirror on your lash cart is a good move. Having a pink heart-shaped lash mirror on your lash cart is an even better move! 

Our Heart Lash Mirror is a great tool to use to inspect your work, as well as to help display some fire angles of your work for you to share to social media! 

Shop our Heart Lash Mirror here


8. Nano Mister

Struggling with the humidity in your environment? You are able to add just the perfect amount of moisture with our Nano Mister. By using our Nano Mister, you will be maximizing your retention while offering a soothing finish for your clients after every lash service.   

Shop our Nano Mister here.


9. Eye Pads

The eye pads that you use on each client could be by reason of your personal preferences, or by the needs of your client. We have you covered with three different types of eye pads to choose from!

Hydrogel Eye Pads are lint-free and packed with hydration. Not only will they secure down the lower lashes, but their cooling sensation acts as an under eye treatment for your client!

Our Blondie Eye Pads provide the perfect dark colour contrast against your client's blonde lashes, making the natural lashes both easy to spot and work with!

Made of a very thin, flexible foam that is smooth and comfortable on the skin, our Flexi Foam Eye Pads are easy to apply and stay put on your client's skin! These are a great alternative to our Hydrogel Eye Pads.


10. Lashes!

A lash artist's lash cart would not be complete without– you guessed it, lashes! We have Classic, Volume, and Coloured lashes on our cart at all times. 

Lashin Out offers single length and mixed tray Classic & Volume lashes in a variety of diameters, curls, and lengths.


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