Checking for Stickies

Checking for Stickies

The struggle is real! 

As lash artists we know that stickies are bound to happen. 

Are you checking for them at the end of every appointment? 

You should + let’s dive into why! 

Let me tell you why this is soooo important. 

1) OUCH! It’s painful for clients. When left stuck clients will start to rub or pull out their lash extension causing premature lash loss. 

2) Direction issues. If 2 lashes are stuck together this will cause them to turn and grow one way therefore making your sets look uneven and messy 

3) Trap Bacteria. As the client cleans their lashes, they wont be able to get in-between all the individual lash hairs therefore trapping makeup, sleep and bacteria.


Personally, I find that my Luxe Straight Tweezer & Luxe Curved Tweezer are a match made in heaven for checking stickies. 

I hope these tips keep checking stickies top of mind because it truly is important to do every. single. time.


For you and your valued client!