What to Put On Your Lash Cart

What to Put On Your Lash Cart

Looking at someone's Lash Tray is like looking into someone's purse. You get to know their fav lineup of products and might find a gem or two! Today we are going to break down what we include in our Lash Tray & why plus some additional pro tips. Now who doesn't love that!?

Let's dive right in to the first item and arguably the most important. STORAGE.

No one likes to begin work with a messy work station. That is why we are firm believers in organization + having set in place items which make it easy to keep everything tidy.

The Lashin Out Hold My Tweezer Stand is a perfect match for this job. It keeps all your tweezers snug + in place. It even fits other skinny items like our Petite Cleaning Brush



Of course, this is where we keep all of our fav tweezers. Everything from our OG Tweezer line to the Luxe Diamond Tweezers. Keep in mind that this first level on our tray is for all the items we need to readily grab while working on a client. We tuck our Lash Trays on the lower deck so we can prep it before the client comes or right before working on them. *Pro tip - think about the items you will be grabbing most frequently and make sure they are closest to you. If you can prep everything needed before the client gets there.

Next up is our plastic organization unit we snagged off of Amazon. There is a similar one here.

Here you can find most of the applicators, again since they are needed most often. Our soothing Hydrogel Eye Pad which our clients simply love. *Pro tip - use these Darker Eye Pads for your Blonde Clients. Here we also have our super cute pink Mascara Wands, Micro Brushes for those tiny isolated spots, Cream Lash Remover, 3M Surgical Tape

 Now onto the more adorable PINK items. *Pro Tip- Pink items look every cute on your Last Cart ;).


If you love the look of this Pink Heart Mirror you will love our Pretty Pink Scissors

Now onto some bigger players that make a big difference in your lashin game. That cute little fan back there isn't JUST a fan, it is an Adhesive Shaker too! Our Fan & Adhesive Shaker is a must have no lie. *Pro tip- No way will you regret this purchase because it also is a great way to wash + dry your makeup brushes.

Another must have is our Nano Mister that gives us all the Salor Moon Vibes. We did an entire blog post on how and why this tiny item will level up your lash biz.

Lastly, we like to have some other key items clearly on display that could also be purchased by the client. For example our Collagen Lip Mask & Lash Suds Kit. Of course, your client will have their eyes closed for the appointment but having these items close by to speak  to or upsell is crucial. *Pro tip - Think about how you can slightly upsell a few items after the appointment is done. Have a go to narrative that explains why it might benefit them. How Lash Suds Kit is an amazing place to start. 

Sell one Lash Sud + Petite brush to each client for $20 and you could make $45 for every 6 you sell. This is a no brainer ladies. 

xo J