Eye Styling For Lash Artists

Eye Styling For Lash Artists

Let’s talk symmetry...

Here we have a beautiful set done by one of our talented brand ambassadors Camila @lashboutiqueyyc 

In the photo she used our D curl 0.07 lashes 10-14mm lash map. Now you would think that as you graduate the lash length you should achieve a cat eye look right?? Wrong. Camilla created a perfect top line lash look which suits this clients eye beautifully.


I want you to have a look at this clients eye shape. Her eye is considered almond eye, so it curves down on both ends.  For example If you are trying to create a cat eye effect, you would need to over compensate for the downward curve of the outside of the eye by 2-4mm in length. Which means your lash map would look like this second image. 

Cat Eye


You always wanna make sure when you are transitioning the lengths of your lashes that it’s done with the clients iris & pupil in mind. (Tip-try mapping with their eye opened by placing (removable) ink dots on their eyelid. Then when they close you can draw the lines from the dots on the lid to the eyepads) 

This is why eye styling is so important.  The smallest changes can make the biggest difference. I’m not saying to would do a cat eye on this particular client. But I remember feeling so frustrated as a new artist because I couldn’t achieve different lash looks, I was stuck in a rut with my same GO-TO lash lengths. Until one day it clicked. I started to examine what shape my clients eyes had and tried to use simple physics to picture how I was going to switch things up!  I invested in more trainings which was another game changer. 

One of the reasons why I love this industry so much is because lashes aren’t 1 size fits all.  It’s truly an Art!! It takes and artist to created this perfect “top line look” like in this picture and it takes and artist to continue to pivot and learn new styles of Lashin.  So never stop learning and pushing yourself to try new things. Yes not every style will look good on every eye shape.  But that’s where the artist in you comes in....When you can see it and know how to change it then you’ll really soar!! 

If your in a “Lash Rut” feel free to reach out to us. One of my favorite thing to do is offer 1:1 mentoring days.  Would love to help level up your lash game. 


Jaz xo