Lash Wrapping Technique

Lash Wrapping Technique

Let's talk about Lash Wrapping.

Why it’s important and how to achieve it? 

First it’s important because this gives maximum retention. If all the lash extensions can be touching the natural lash your chance of having it pop off are very low. Another reason is weight. When you wrap the lash the weight can be evenly distributed causing less stress on the natural lash. 

How to achieve it. This can only be achieved with individual hand made fans. You will not be able to get a lash wrap with premade fans as the base is already glue together when manufactured. So Weather you are using narrower fan bases like in this video or wider ones you always want to strive to wrap every lash you place. Keep in mind that you won’t achieve perfectly wrapped lashes every single time but the goal is to try. Watch this video on how it looks up close.


Lash Wrapping

Here’s how? 

After creating your fan with whatever method you decide (wiggle, pinch, strip) dip appropriate amount of glue on the extensions then isolate a natural lash. Once properly isolated, hover the extension over the natural lash. Once the glue sticks to the natural lash apply slight pressure downwards as shown in the video to almost splay the base so it wraps around the natural lash. The glue will tighten the base once the pressure is released.  By giving each fan placed that extra second of downward pressure you should be able to see the wrap happen and notice your retention getting stronger. 

Keep in mind as with anything else practice practice practice is the key to success. 

Feel free to save this video or tag a lash friend that you think technique this may help. 

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