Let's Talk       💋 Proper Lash Care

Let's Talk 💋 Proper Lash Care

So you just got your lashes done & you love them!
Now what?
How do you keep them looking luxurious and long day after day?

Jazmine has some key tips about how to maintain your beautiful lashes by cleansing regularly. Watch the full video here or read on!

Here are some important tips on how to keep them clean:

  • Do not touch your lashes (especially with your hands!). the oils on your lashes can make them fall out faster.
  • Try not to sleep with your face into the pillow. We found an amazing 3D contoured sleeping mask at Winners for $5.99! Check it out on this post.
  • Lastly, lash bath twice a day! Once in the morning and once at night.

How to Lash Bath:

  1. Place one pump of our Lash Suds onto the back of your hand or eyelid & use the Petite Brush to create a circular motion along your eyelid.
  2. Rise with water & gently pat dry.
  3. Use your Mascara Wand to fluff them up to make them gorgeous again.

Follow these tips to keep your lashes healthy, clean & to retain them longer!