Why Should YOU Sell Magnetic Lashes!

Why Should YOU Sell Magnetic Lashes!

#LashTipThursday because - why not. 😉

So! Our magnetic lashes were recently featured in @lashartistbox and you might be wondering… why?🧐

We got some real answers here.

Read on or watch here!

Hey lash fam. So you might be wondering why we at Lashing Out are retailing Magnetic Lashes. They're actually going to be in this month subscription of the lash artist box. Let me tell you why, you (Lash Artists) should consider selling Magnetic Lashes. 

Well, there's a few reasons. First of all, when the pandemic hit, we saw a need in the market. As my lashes were falling out, I knew all of my clients were going to suffer with those naked eyes and they needed something. So that's why we started retailing them to them. And I can't tell you how amazing the feedback was from our clients to have something on their eyes while they're waiting to get their extensions on.

Reason #2 for carrying them. As you may know & as I found found out in our salon - some people might be allergic to lashes, some people need them off for surgeries, others might just want them on for vacation or can no longer afford the financial upkeep. There are several different reasons why someone might need them so why not come in at a time when someone might need you the most.

Why not make a little extra money & put it in your pocket. They is why we started retailing them & I think you should too.

They are never going to replace lash extensions but they offer a temporary fix for those clients who need a temporary fix. If you buy them in bulk you’ll get an extra discount so can up sell them & make a little extra $.

Email us at info@lashinout.ca to inquire about a Lash Artist bulk order.