What are Lashin Out extensions made of?

What are Lashin Out extensions made of?

🧐 What are lash extensions really made of?

Let’s dive in deeper on this Lash Tip Tuesday!

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Hey lash artists. 👋🏻

So for this last tip Tuesday, I'm sure all of you have been wondering as I was myself, what lashes are actually made up of, you know, some companies market them as silk cashmere, faux mink. There's so many different versions out there, but what they're actually made out of is a synthetic material called PBT (polybutylene terephthalate).

It's a thermal plastics, semi Crystalline polymer, a type of polyester. This material is  heated, molded into its desire shape, and then it sets to cool. Our lashes are triple heated to retain that perfect curl. Lashin Out Lashes are actually manufactured in China, but the raw materials are from Korea. There's several different manufacturers, but the majority come from overseas.