Why you (and your lashes) won't regret extensions.

Why you (and your lashes) won't regret extensions.

I’m one of those people who enjoy doing my makeup in the morning.

Gets me in the rhythm of things and is a moment to myself. Naturally, I thought this advantage of having my lashes done wouldn’t matter to me but boy - I was wrong. You don’t know how amazing it is to brush your hair, teeth & be done - until you have done it. 

If you are a routine lover like me - great! Instead of layering on the mascara, you can get in the groove of washing your lashes every morning with the Lash Suds (my new best friend). You will also be able to cut your morning routine time in half or spend more time in making your hair extra fab. I’m all for that. You can even take up a new habit of facial massage! Trust me - you will not miss the mascara time & let’s be honest, no amount of time or mascara will make your natural lashes look as good as extensions. Period. 

Now - for the scary part. 

One day, while scrolling through Instagram (as one does) I caught one of my fav Influencer’s story. She mentioned she had 4 week old lashes on & I was 😱 shocked to say the least. They looked like they were holding on by a thread and appeared her natural lashes were non-existent. This freaked me out!

As I write this blog post I am 6 whole weeks out after getting my lashes done by Lashin Out & I am showing them off with pride. PS. no lie they still look fab. That says a lot because I am a - face in the pillow - kinda sleeper. These babies are here to stay AND might I add, my natural lashes are thriving. Yes, some fell out but trust me when I tell you they come back faster than you think. Don’t always trust Influencers ;). 

If you are extra worried about your natural lashes I would highly recommend buying EyEnvy at your next appointment. Don’t let the price tag fool you - that is a tube of miracle potion. Worth every single cent.

 As you have probably guessed it, I would 100% recommend lash extensions for anyone. Whether you are on the fence, going on vacation or have an event coming up. Try it out! 


Guest blogger

- Taegan R.