How to protect your lashes extensions while sleeping

How to protect your lashes extensions while sleeping

😴 Okay sleeping beauty. We hate to break it to you but…

Stunning lashes + your face in a pillow = a big no no.

Okay we understand just how crazy hard this can be for our sleeping beauties who sleep on their stomach, face deep not a pillow. 

Here are 3 tips on how to ensure you are protecting your beautiful lashes, avoiding neck wrinkles + puffy eyes in the am.

1. Buy a Silk Pillow Case. Your entire face will thank you for this! Silk pillows cases avoid any pulling on the face or lashes. They are super easy to swap out and clean PLUS they make you feel like a Queen. We love this adorable pink one.

2. Specific Eye Masks can do wonders. You want to be very specific here. Absolutely nothing weighted + only but the 3D contoured kind. We love this one because it comes in a ton of colors + has glowing reviews.

3. Train Yo Self. Okay - probably the last thing you want to hear and the most difficult. Think about it, you have gotten very used to one way of sleeping most of your life. It is hard to break habits while unconscious! So bring in the props. I trained myself by moving my pillow back away from my eye. Just so my cheek and ear is on the pillow. If you want to be extra - try this pillow.

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