Lash 911: Lash Clusters to the Rescue!

We've all been there. Your client calls and asks to get in at the last minute for a special event, and they need their lashes done ASAP!

They might have gone through a lash shed or, heaven forbid, picked out a section, and their lashes are looking ratchet. You want to give them the best service possible, but applying individual lash extensions takes time that you don't have.

Don't you worry, Lashin' Out has your back...Lash 911 Lash Clusters to the rescue! Introducing the first-ever extension safe, self-adhesive cluster lash kit.

Keep reading to learn more about how Lash 911 can save the day for you and your clients.

What Is Lash 911?

We know what you are thinking.. really, lash clusters? As lash artists, we don't like those. But, rest assured, Lash 911 is not your typical lash cluster.

Our self-adhesive lash emergency kit is the first of its kind for the lash industry. Designed to work with your client's lash extensions, they are not a substitute for lash fills but rather are a temporary fix for those lash gaps between fills.

The lash clusters are designed to attach to your existing lash extensions to fill gaps. Each kit comes with six strips of clusters in 10 mm, 12mm, 14mm, and 16mm lengths. It also includes a tweezer to pick up and apply the clusters.

We tested these products for five months before release, so we can assure you that they are completely safe for lash extensions and won't cause any irritation to your eyes.

They're easy to apply, and no messy glue is needed. They're perfect for keeping extensions looking fabulous, even on the go!

How Do They Work?

Carefully remove a cluster from the strip using your tweezers. Be cautious not to touch the adhesive part to maintain its stickiness. Position the cluster under your lash extensions, and use the tweezers to press it down and secure it in place. Watch how here.

To remove them, all your client has to do is go underneath with the tweezer or even their nail and pop them off. Voila! So easy.

How Long Do They Last?

Lash 911 is a temporary fix. Once attached, they will stay on for up to 24 hours, although we recommend removing them before bed.

Who Is Lash 911 For?

Lash 911 is for lash artists and clients, anyone and everyone with existing lash extensions. It's perfect for any occasion, like a vacay, wedding, or meeting, when your client might need a temporary fill but you are unable to fit them in.

What Lash 911 Can Do for Your Business

Happy clients are repeat clients. You can build a loyal customer base that trusts your skills and expertise by taking care of any issues quickly and efficiently.

Keep Your Clients Happy

Lash 911 is the perfect solution to keep your clients happy and feeling confident in their lashes between fills. No more worries about showing up to an important event with sparse or uneven lash extensions.

Increase Client Retention

With Lash 911, your clients won't have to go elsewhere for a temporary fix and potentially end up switching lash artists altogether. They'll know that you have their back and can provide them with a quick solution when needed.

Boost Your Income

You can upsell Lash 911 to your clients, providing an additional service and increasing your income. You could even offer it as an add-on to a full set or an "Emergency Lash Fix" fill appointment for those clients who are always on the go.

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What Lash Clients Are Saying

Game Changer!!

This is a game-changer! No more freaking out as I wait to get in for a fill between my appointments. I love that they come pre-glued too.


Life Savers!

Now that I have discovered lash 911, I cannot imagine my life without these! I have been getting lash extensions for 10+ years, and more times than I can count, I unexpectedly end up going to an event when I need a fill, and I’m freaking out. This product has changed the game for me. I now no longer worry about timing my lash fills perfectly because I always have lash 911 in case of emergency. Super easy to apply, and love the fact they are pre-glued! 10/10 recommend.


Level Up Your Lash Game With Lashin’ Out

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Take your lash game to the next level with Lashin' Out – because your clients deserve the best!

Lash 911 is just another example of how we are all about providing solutions to make your job as a lash artist easier.  We take pride in our innovative and quality products that will help you to elevate your business.

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