Mystery Lash Retention

Can’t seem to figure out why your client’s lashes are growing at record speed?! We have the answer for you here & how to approach this interesting situation.

Read on or watch it here.

For this week's Lash Tip Tuesday I wanted to talk about something that I noticed in my salon & something that affects client retention. That is the intake of collagen. I've had a few clients come in that have been in like a week after they just got their lashes done and they are all falling out. I didn't understand why I went through the typical questions. What are you using for facewash? What any new products, how are you sleeping? The only thing that they changed was the fact that they were starting to take more collagen. And that was the ticket.

I know collagen is excellent good for skin nails, hair growth, but that is one thing that does affect is retention. They grow so fast that they fall out even faster. So as lash artists, I just want you to maybe ask those questions when dealing with this retention issue and see what's more important to your client. Is it more important to have that college in, or is it more important to not come back every week for lash fills?