Why Do My Lash Extensions Hurt?

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If you have recently gotten lash extensions and are experiencing discomfort or pain, it can be a cause for concern. Lash extensions shouldn't hurt or cause discomfort when properly applied.

In this blog post, we will discuss reasons why your lash extensions may be causing pain and discomfort.

Possible Causes of Discomfort

There are several reasons why your lash extensions may be causing discomfort or pain. Address these issues as soon as possible to prevent further irritation and potential damage to your natural lashes.

You’re Allergic or Sensitive to the Glue

About five percent of people are allergic to the lash adhesive used in lash extensions. The majority of reactions are an irritant or contact dermatitis.

The main ingredient in all eyelash adhesives is cyanoacrylate. As the lash glue cures, it produces formaldehyde fumes as a by-product, which can irritate the delicate skin on the eyelid or the eye itself.

If you have a true allergic reaction, lashes aren't for you. But if you have a less severe sensitivity and cannot live without your lashes, see an optometrist first. They can prescribe a topical steroid that can be applied to the eyelid area before your appointment to help alleviate the reaction.

Chemical Burn

Chemical burns to the eye area can occur during lash extension treatments due to accidental exposure to adhesive fumes. Clients opening their eyes unintentionally because of excessive caffeine consumption or engaging in conversation during the procedure can increase the risk of exposure. Clients with bulbous eyes that don't fully close are also at a higher risk.

Lash technicians must be careful not to apply too much pressure on the eye patch or improperly position it, as this can expose the eye to fumes. Your lash tech may use a piece of foam lash tape to ensure the eyelid is fully closed during the service.

You Wore Contacts

It's a good idea to take off your contact lenses before your lash appointment or wear glasses instead.

Sleeping or napping in contact lenses increases the risk of infection. Similarly, when lash extensions are applied, you must keep your eyes closed for an extended period. Oxygen entering the eye is reduced, leading to redness afterward. Contact lenses can also trap fumes from the adhesive, causing them to remain on the eyelid longer, resulting in discomfort.

Poor Choice of Lash Extensions

Your lash technician will take into account the condition of your natural lashes. Your extensions should be no longer than 3mm past the length of your natural lash.

The weight of longer lash extensions can cause tension, resulting in pain and discomfort. Additionally, extensions that are too thick or heavy for your natural lashes may lead to premature shedding and damage.

Improper Application

If you experience discomfort after your lash extension treatment, it could be due to the lash technician's application technique. They may have applied the lashes too close to the eyelids or even on the eyelid. The extensions can poke at the sensitive skin on your eyelids, leading to irritation and possible damage to your natural lashes.

Additionally, if the technician uses too much glue or has poor isolation technique, you may end up with "stickies." When lashes are clumped together, they can pull at each other and the natural hair follicles, causing discomfort and even premature lash loss.

Poor Aftercare

You may not realize it, but your lashes can develop a biofilm similar to plaque on your teeth. This biofilm includes bacteria, oils, and Demodex lash mites. When this biofilm is not removed daily, there is a higher potential for dry eye symptoms, styes, and infections.

To avoid this damaging buildup, clean your eyelash extensions DAILY with an eye-safe lash cleaner like Lashin Out Lash Suds.

Check out this blog for more information on proper aftercare.

When to Seek Medical Advice

If you are experiencing persistent pain, swelling, or any symptoms of an eye infection or corneal abrasion, it's essential to consult an optometrist for an accurate diagnosis. Sometimes, a minor irritation can develop into a serious condition without timely intervention.

If you suffer from dry eye or other eye issues, visit your optometrist before getting eyelash extensions. You can visit mydryeye.ca to find a doctor near you who specializes in dry eye.

Choosing the Right Lash Technician

You'll want to choose an experienced lash artist with proper training and certification to avoid discomfort and potential damage to your natural lashes. They should also understand different lash types, adhesive ingredients, and correct application techniques.

Here are some steps to ensure you're in good hands:

  • Research the technician's experience and certification.
  • Check for reviews or ask for referrals from previous clients.
  • Ask about their sanitation and hygiene practices, including how they sterilize their tools.
  • Inquire about their aftercare instructions and follow-up appointments.

Lashin Out: The Best Lash Extensions in Calgary

Experiencing discomfort after getting lash extensions is not normal and may indicate issues with application technique, type of extensions used, or aftercare. 

If your extensions are painful or irritating, give Lashin Out a call. We would be happy to help you figure out the cause and provide you with lashes that look fabulous and feel comfortable.

At Lashin Out, our certified technicians have years of experience in lash extensions and prioritize the health and safety of your natural lashes. We use only the highest quality products and maintain strict sanitation protocols to prevent any risk of infection or damage to your lashes. Our lash artistry is marked by extreme precision, and we pride ourselves on our dedication to continuing education.

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